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After 9th Symposium CEIA !

Nearly 500 hundred participants from Poland, Czech Republic, Lietuva and Slovakia took part in the first day of the 9th Symposium of  Central European Implant Academy held on 25-26th October in Cracow. Main lecture session, likewise last year, was held in beautiful interiors of Slowacki Theater in Cracow. Professor Dennis Tarnow, considered to be the one of the greatest lecturers in the world, had presented two brilliant speeches, of which first covered problems and aspects of immediate vs delayed socket placement, taking into consideration the interdisciplinary approach, and the second elaborated on up-to date knowledge and perspectives on interdental papilla dilemma. 

After the morning lecture session, participants and invited guest were welcome to join us on the CEIA Evening & Top Design Gala, during which many prizes funded by BIOMET 3i and certificates of postgraduate programs accredited to CEIA were awarded. The Platinum Preferred Member awards were given to 4 laboratories and 25 doctors, managers, managing directors and a medical centre. For the first time we were pleased to present doctors who have recently finished international postgraduate programs accredited to CEIA with certificates.

We are pleased to announce that to the group of doctors who completed international postgraduate program Implant Continuum Education NYU OSIS CEIA joined:

dr n.med. Krzysztof Gronkiewicz,

dr n.med. Witold Jurczyński,

dr Tomasz Parfienowicz


The certificates of completing the Advanced Course in Periodontology and Implantology signed by prof. Markus Hurzeler were presented to:

dr Bogusława Czarnowska,

dr Radosław Jadach

So far the group of laureates was proudly represented by dr Katarzyna Suckiel Papiór and dr Piotr Puchałą who were the first presented with certificates by prof. Hurzeler in person.

Important part of CEIA Evening was official Gala of Top Design Gabinety Stomatologiczne contest, during which the jury announced the winners and awarded prizes. Find out more at www.tdgs.pland our Facebook

On the second day of Symposium almost 230 doctors, technicians and specialists came to listen to another world-class specialist in implantology and prosthetics, professor Roberto Cocchetto. Professor Cocchetto presented a 4-hour lecture during which he elaborated specifically on challenging aspects of implant treatment for the fully edentulous patients, depending on complexity of a case. The last, but not less important part of the Saturday’s session were presentations on personal experience and knowledge delivered by doctors who practice implantology and prosthetics on daily routine. Speakers were: dr n. med. Krzysztof Gronkiewicz, dr Radosław Jadach who elaborated on sinus lift from palatal side, and dr Tomasz Parfienowicz who delivered final presentation of individual cases, necessary to earn a certificate testifying completition of postgraduate Implant Continuum Education NYU OSIS CEIA Program.

Congratulations to all awarded doctors, clinics and laboratories!

We would like to thank all of the participants of the 9th CEIA Symposium for such a numerous incoming and invite them and all interested specialists to visit us next year on 10th anniversary edition of CEIA Symposium.

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