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Certificates of completion the postgraduate ICE NYU OSIS CEIA program in 2012 presented to participants

The climax of this year’s Grand Prix Gala on one of the most important dental exibition in Poland – Central European Dental Exhibition (CEDE) was presentation the certificates of completion of the Implant Continuum Education NYU OSIS CEIA postgraduation program. Four doctors from Poland, having in mind the well-being of patients as well as the personal and the business development, devoted nearly 1,5 year to widen and systematize the knowledge they had and lear about the latest trends in implantology. The program consists of more than 280 education hours divided into courses organized in Poland and weekly sessions at New York University, NY, USA and according to the regulations has to be finished with official exams:

  1. Written essay in the field of implantoprosthetics
  2. Presentation of cases from author’s own experience, confirming competent introduction of the knowledge gathered during the program into their own practice (presentation should be delivered in front of international public during one of the abroad sessions at NYU College of Dentistry)
  3. Practital exam in one of the recommended polish examination center

To the group of doctor who were presented the certificate of completion of the Implant Continuum Eductaion NYU OSIS CEIA in Semptember 2012 joined:

Dr Anastazja Janik, Czestochowa (Częstochowa)

Dr Radosław Jadach, Wroclaw (Wrocław)

Dr n.med. Bartosz Suliborski, Lodz (Łódź)


The doctors have joined the group of 3000 dentists from all over the world who were honoured with this prestigious certificate.

Congratulations to all awarded!

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