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New international certificates presented to participants!

We are proud to announce that next group of participants had finished the postgraduate Implant Continuum Education NYU & OSIS & CEIA. Three lucky doctors were given the certificates during the official gala on 9.Central European Implant Academy that was held on 25 and 26th October 2013 in Cracow. The program lasts approximately 1,5 year and consists of more than 280 education hours divided into courses organized in Poland and 2-3 weekly sessions at New York University.  Last certificates were presented to:

dr n.med. Krzysztof Gronkiewicz,

dr n.med. Witold Jurczyński,

dr Tomasz Parfienowicz.

More at: Facebook Inspiration-Eductaion-Fun

Hands on with M.Hurzeler


11. CEIA


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