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Polish session at New York University

At the beginning of March, there was another session of Implant Continuum Education NYU OSIS CEIA. Among the lecturers, for the second time, was Piotr Majewski DDS, PhD with a very current subject of  Periimplantitis in contemporary implantology: Etiology, diagnosis and prevalence. Prevention and treatmnent options. He pointed out that periimplantitis is very common problem and increasingly affects implant patients. Dr. Majewski, on the basis of their own experience, presented a topic of Immediate loading - occlusal ( functional) and nonocclusal (esthetic). Rationale for  different treatment modalities.From the comments on corridors, and the results of the survey, it can be assumed that lectures of Piotr Majewski DDS, PhD and  Paula Fletcher DDS (also on Periimplantis) were recognized as the best in the March five-day program. Congratulations!

During this NYU session there have also been final presentations of participants of the postgraduate program. Kornel Krasny PhD from Warsaw and Paweł Strzępek DDS from Rzeszow, in 15 minute presentations showed their most interesting cases, demonstrating the practical application of advanced surgical techniques and prosthetic regeneration used for many years. Congratulations to speakers!





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