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19 March 2018

09:00 – 16:00

“Esthetic Management of Restorations with Compromised Anterior Tooth & Implant in Private Practice”

Dr. Yoshi GOTO

In last decades, dental technology and material are rapidly improved. Along with those changing, we are handling esthetic dental treatment significantly different in private practice. The treatment planning with severely compromised tooth structure, compromised implant position and soft tissue condition are always challenging situation. The goal of treatment should be design for either long-term or short-term success, either function or esthetic success. The criteria of the decision-making  process by clinician with only surgical, only prosthetic or both surgical and prosthetic reconstruction, or including other procedures are very important.

This presentation focus on treatment planning, decision-making criteria, material selection, handling technique of materials in anterior treatment of compromised tooth and implant situation. Reviewing clinical relevant literatures and multiple case presentations with both conventional and contemporary dental materials including temporary materials, technique are explained for the key of current treatment planning. The content of this lecture material is designed for private practice clinicians

20 March 2018

09.00 - 16.00

“The Other Face of Esthetic Dentistry: Integrating Function into the Smile Design for Long-Term Stability”


High quality esthetic dentistry requires an approach that integrates scientific knowledge, clinical skills, technician’s expertise, patient’s preferences, and team communication. Excellence can become more predictable and consistent with the establishment of a methodical approach, from the accurate diagnosis until the control phase. Based on the scientific based/ clinical relevant binomial, it will be discussed the integration of some parameters of the restorative design with the critical aspects of function, with the purpose of clarify the decision-making process in this not always straightforward process of clinical negotiation. Also, it will be reviewed the key elements of precision during tooth preparation, impressions, and occlusal equilibration in order to surpass the patient's expectations, provide efficient function and long-term stability.

Course objectives:

Ø  Introduce a systematic approach to confidently and consistently treatment plan cases with different degrees of complexity, optimizing the esthetic, functional, structural, and biological outcomes

Ø  Provide scientific foundation to clinical decision-making and quality control

Ø  Review and update state-of-the-art techniques and procedures for best results

Ø  Rationalize the influence of a proper occlusal diagnosis and how to precisely incorporate the critical functional aspects into the esthetic design.

What you will learn:

  • The pragmatic evaluation: what is really meaningful?
  • Digital Smile Design: the virtual esthetic project driving and integrating the emotional, functional, structural, and biological keys into a realistic treatment plan
  • Smart preparations: from prepless to full coverage: multiple approaches for a customized solution; the link between Color Selection and Prep Design: “Do the Math”.
  • Impressions: predictable and consistent high quality impressions on teeth and implants;evidence-based update and clinical tips for the best results
  • Final adjustments and cementation guidelines: what are the fundamental aspects when cementing ceramic restorations that will influence the long-term outcomes?
  • Critical and practical aspects of occlusion: OVD, maxillomandibular relationships and guidance - what the clinician needs to know? A step-by-step technique for treatment stability and longevity

21 March 2018

09.00 - 16.00

"Immediate Implant Therapy with Teeth and Pontics in the Esthetic Zone”

DR. Stephen CHU  & DR. José Manuel NAVARRO

Current trends in implant therapy advocate clinical techniques thereby allowing treatment efficiency consisting of condensed clinical procedures, fewer patient appointments, and shortened overall treatment time. Even though there is overwhelming literature to support positive outcomes in regards to implant survival through immediate implant therapy and tooth replacement strategies, esthetics questions still loom, specifically how to handle multiple tooth sites in the esthetic zone.

This presentation will address treatment planning strategies with multiple tooth sites incorporating teeth, immediate implants with tooth replacement, and pontics in the esthetic zone as well as innovative devices and strategies in provisional restoration fabrication.

22 March 2018

09:00 – 16:00

“Materials Update: Using Modern Science and Technology to Enhance Restorative Success"

 DR. Sabiha BUNEK 

Advances in dental materials science have continually improved the esthetics of all-ceramic restorations allowing clinicians to achieve predictable results. However, due to the differences among various materials used in esthetic dentistry, dentists are frequently challenged with selecting the proper ceramics, surface treatments, adhesives, and cements to ensure long-term clinical success. The presentation will review the most up-to-date classifications for various ceramics and cements and provide guidelines for the selection of materials for a multitude of restorative situations. This clinically relevant, scientific-based course will review those materials and techniques that have proven to be successful, and clear up the confusion between popular opinion and research.

Learning Objectives:

·       Review various all-ceramic materials on the market, including the new esthetic zirconias, lithium silicates and resin ceramics.

·       Understand the rationale for cement selection for different clinical scenarios. Laboratory data and long-term clinical performance of cements will also be discussed.

·       Compare various CAD/CAM systems on the market and review clinical studies comparing digital versus traditional impressions.

·       Review THE DENTAL ADVISOR Top Product Awards. Product recommendations will be covered for all areas in dentistry including adhesives, bulk-fill composites, bioactive materials, cements, and many more. 

23 March 2018

09:00 – 13:00

“Site Preparation and Augmentation Techniques in the Esthetic Zone”

DR. Maurice SALAMA

To be a viable treatment choice in the partially edentulous case, the implant-supported restoration must cosmetically equal or surpass that of conventional crown and bridge.  This requires development of the edentulous ridge or potential implant restorative site to mimic that of a natural tooth.  The essence in the creation of this illusion of reality is the soft tissue restorative frame.

The three-dimensional reconstruction of the implant receptor site comprises two distinct phases:
- Development of the hard tissues
- Reconstruction of the soft tissue 

Orthodontic tooth movement can be synergistically combined with periodontal plastic surgical techniques, guided bone regeneration and osseous grafts to effectively establish the optimal foundation for functional and esthetic implant restorations.  Vertical soft tissue and interdental papilla enhancement is frequently combined with innovative second-stage periodontal plastic surgery to create an ideal restorative frame.    
This program will cover site preparation techniques prior to and at the time of implant placement.

Educational Objectives:
1. Diagnosis and classification of implant recipient sites
2. Preservation techniques available for implant replacement
3. Management of the “deficient” site through augmentation techniques

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