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17 sierpnia 2015

09.30 - 16.30

Timing and Sequences of Bone Regeneration Procedures, Essentials in Socket Preservation and Ridge Reconstruction: Principles and Practice.

Dr hab. Piotr Majewski


Today, dental implantology is a dynamic and rapidly evolving field. One of the factors affecting the final clinical result is proper qualification for regenerative procedures in dental implant treatment. There are many surgical procedures and biomaterials available today that may be confusing for clinicians trying to present proper treatment concepst. The presenter will demonstrate different surgical protocols:Guided Bone Regeneration and the use of autogenous grafts with the indications for different techniques. 

The dynamic evolution of modern implant dentistry has changed many old paradigms that were used in the past. One of them is implant placement and loading. The questions that help clinicians decide what factors into the qualifications for immediate and delayed implant placement and loading will be discussed during the lecture.

Faulty strategies and misconceptions as well as improper treatment may cause severe functional and aesthetic complications. On the basis of his own experience, the presenter will illustrate different solutions for complication treatment, focusing on the aesthetic zone. A novel surgical approach for soft-tissue dehiscencce coverage around implants will be presented.

Topics will include:

1. Surgical scenarios of regenerative procedures related to peri-implant hard- and soft- tissue conditions. 2. Indications for immediate and delayed implant placement – treatment modalities.
3. Complication consequences of malconceptions in treatment planning and execusion. Treatment

4. Prosthetic driven implantology as the paradigm for treatment planning.

With implant therapy, osseointegration is not the basic factor that influences the success rate of treatment. The clinical result is determined by the function and aesthetics of the implant- supported prostheses. Today, we can regenerate hard and soft tissue in order to create the best conditions for optimal implant placemen, thus the implant position should be determined by the design of the planned prosthesesThe treatment plan must be preceded by precise diagnosis based on clinical and radiographic examination in which computed tomography is of the greatest importance. 

The presentation will focus on:

  1. Rationale for computed tomography – indications and restrictions

  2. Bone morphology and anatomical structures of the facial skeleton in respect to implant location


  3. Implant and prosthetic treatment modalities in edentulous patients

  4. Surgical guide types and implant navigation in modern implantology

  5. The consequences of inappropriate case planning: aesthetic and functional failures

Throughout the lecture, the clinical cases will illustrate phases of treatment planning, the differences among surgical guides, the surgical procedures and prosthetic solutions as well as the treatment of complications. The presenter will discuss the indications and limitations of navigated implantology. 

18 sierpnia 2015

09.30 - 12.00

Immediate Anterior Implants & Provisional Restoration: Current Concepts and Knowledge for Predictable Esthetics.

Prof. Stephen Chu


Implant dentistry is continuously evolving into a more predictable form of therapy. New and innovative techniques now allow for better esthetics and greater patient comfort. At the same time, these numerous new techniques and therapies that are available continue to raise questions and concerns regarding the pros and cons of each. This program will answer the FAQs regarding many controversial issues as they relate to early loading, predictability and immediate temporization. The lecture will address and interweave the innovations in implant dentistry and how they can enhance your clinical outcomes for greater patient satisfaction. 


12.00 - 16.00

Microesthetic Determinants for Teeth and Implants: Tooth Size & Individual Proportion

Prof. Stephen Chu


Comprehensive treatment planning of the complex aesthetic restorative case involving teeth and implants can be challenging. The key to success is to understand and develop predictable strategies in patient care.

The presentation will focus on the diagnosis of facial, dento-facial, dental, and gingival discrepancies. Solutions will focus on interdisciplinary treatment, including orthodontics, periodontics, restorative, and implant dentistry. The latest research in these areas will be presented as well as innovative instrumentation to obtain these goals. 

19 sierpnia 2015

09.30 - 16.30

Incorporating Advanced Technologies to Achieve Long Term Sustainable Aesthetics.


Dr Robert A. Del Castillo


Advanced technologies available today, allow us as clinicians to diagnosis, treatment plan and perform implant supported therapy in a more sophisticated and profound way with greater accuracy, lower mobidityy and in shorter timeframes to meet the demands of our patients. This presentation will review the recent changes that have occurred in dentistry today that have resulted in a paradigm shift in the treatment of our patients.

Topic will include:

  1. 2D versus 3D diagnosis and treatment planning

  2. Decision making criteria for advanced grafting methods and materials

  3. CT assisted treatment planning and the execution of treatment plan for long term

    sustainable aesthetic results.

  4. Incorporating digital technologies into the surgical practice and understanding how

    this can impact/influence long term sustainable aesthetic results. 

20 sierpnia 2015

09.30 - 16.30

The Details of Implant Dentistry.

Dr Steven H. Goldstein


This lecture will detail the clinical techniques necessary to achieve predictable and optimal success with implant dentistry for all types of implant cases. Multiple case types will be shown. including the single anterior unit, full fixed crown and bridge implant supported restorations, and fixed and removable hybrid cases. Current concepts in treatment planning will be reviewed. Various clinical techniques used to achieve maximum aesthetics will be shown, including material selection, CAD/ CAM design, impressioning and temporizing sequence, as well as the use of digital photography for patient and laboratory communication. 

21 sierpnia 2015

08.30 -12.30

Peri-implantitis from Diagnosis to Treatment.

Dr Helena Francisco 

Peri-implantitis is characterized by an inflammatory process in the mucosa surrounding a functioning implant, with attendant loss of the supporting bone. The subgingival biofilm that forms on implant surfaces does not differ from that on tooth surfaces. But despite the close similarities between tissue reactions around teeth and implants, the lesions of peri-implantitis and periodontitis may differ both in extent and rate of progression. This presentation will review the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and risk factors of peri-implantitis, along with the relevant literature regarding the role of current implant surfaces in spreading inflammation. Clinical implications and therapy will also be discussed. 

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